Micro mama's


Micro Mama's

Micro Mama’s happily makes lacto-fermented vegetables, whole food condiments, and botanical infusions.  All of our products are raw, vegan, gluten free, certified organic, and we source the large majority of our produce locally.  The health benefits of consuming whole/living foods that are naturally fermented are immeasurable, and we are excited to contribute to the greater health of our environment, its living beings, local economy, and to extend our local harvest by fermenting for you.

Our products are raw and produced using traditional methods of fermenting dating over 2000 years.  Our lacto-fermented vegetable blends are vinegar-free and naturally fermented in glass, or ceramic crocks which helps assure the best quality products, using locally grown ingredients.

We buy directly from many certified organic local farms in support of our vital local economy, and for the natural well being of our planet.  Working in liaison with local farmers it is our joy to help extend the access to NH’s fresh organic produce with our products.  The benefits of eating our products extend beyond the joy of making them, and there is an expanding world of valuable information on the health benefits of consuming raw, naturally fermented, 100% organic, locally grown, gluten-free, vegan, and nourishing foods.  We look forward to fermenting for you.

Living Foods for Living Beings