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Over 20 years ago I was fortunate to have experienced working for an alternative doctor who helped me open my understanding of the natural world & how our diet comes first in the process of healing our own bodies.  My experience includes working closely with local farmers in nurturing sustaining organic practices, and with the local & slow foods movement.   I have enjoyed working as a private chef professionally, as well as preparing wholesome food for family and friends for decades.  I find great satisfaction working with plants and the natural world to achieve mutually beneficial solutions to the challenges facing local economies as well as re-introducing an ancient tradition to the modern world through lacto-fermentation.  As an artist, it is important to me that our products are not only healthy but delicious and attractive to all our senses.  When I’m not making Kimchi, you can find me enjoying my two children, diving into my art, or enjoying the great outdoors.


  Micro Mama’s offers a solution to the one crucial flaw of the Locavore movement – in colder climates, there is a shorter growing season.  Micro Mama’s offers a perfect and delicious solution- extend the life of produce with lacto-fermentation, link the grower directly to the consumer, support and stimulate self-sustaining local economy.  It’s a win-win-win situation.   Locally grown, produced and consumed living food.   The formation of Business Supported Agriculture pods, B-pods, creates a series of networks all working together to stimulate local economy by creating a demand for more varied and plentiful fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. 


Micro Mama’s proudly makes

Living Foods for Living Beings


it all starts with a seed